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Grow Your Socials


Our experts leverage major social networks to help your brand gain attention and traffic. After getting to know more about your brand vision, target audience, business model and goals, we will launch ongoing campaigns to effectively engage and grow your audience. Additionally, we will utilize automation, planning, audience growth and data analysis to further optimize engagement in those channels.


Our packages are designed to cater to a range of businesses through our Individual Platform Plans and Multi-Platform Plans. Since getting to understand the brand and its industry are crucial to managing social media effectively, our prices for each package are broken out according to the client's industry (Lifestyle, Industry, and Expert).


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1. Discovery

We audit your current social, blog, and influencer efforts to build a 90 day plan.

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2. strategy

We present our execution plan, determine goals and key performance metrics, and brainstorm campaign ideas.


3. content

We create a content calendar and begin posting.


4. optimize

We monitor posts and results, report on findings, and make other necessary adjustments to our campaigns.